SEC 15a-6 Compliance Services

Foreign Brokers are Required to Register with the SEC

Foreign brokers are prohibited from providing brokerage, investment banking or other financial services in the U.S. without registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). Registration with the SEC requires a significant amount of management time, attention and resources. The compliance, capital and other requirements of registration are complex and expensive.

Exemption Under Rule 15a-6 Allows Foreign Brokers to Trade in the U.S.

An SEC-registered, FINRA member  broker-dealer may chaperone the activities of the Foreign broker-dealer.  ARG can assist you in the set-up and associated application process with the US regulators which will save you the time and expense.  Through the SEC Rule 15a-6 exemption, a foreign bank or broker-dealer can establish a correspondent relationship with another US registered broker-dealer to distribute research and trade with large U.S. financial institutions.

ARG offers SEC 15a-6 compliance support services that include a hands-on approach to meet your firm’s regulatory compliance needs. Our team will be available at the firm’s request for all SRO inquiries and will handle all of the day-to-day compliance operations.  Our professional compliance staff are qualified by training, experience and education to fulfill the CCO or outsourced compliance point-of-contract role.